Using 45 years of knowledge in automotive maintenance and repair, we can diagnose any problems you might be having with your suspension, engine, brakes, steering systems and other issues. We offer a full-service installation shop at both our locations that include; suspension repair, leaf spring manufacturing, clutch installation, hydraulic hoses creation, wheel alignments, driveshafts installation, flywheel resurfacing, air and hydraulic, transmissions, and much more. A complete list can be seen below.

  • Full service installation shop at both locations
  • PA State inspections
  • Inspections include light, medium, and heavy truck
  • Trailer and automotive
  • Motorcycle inspection
  • Suspension repair
  • Lift axles installed
  • Hendrickson walking beam rebush
  • Mack trunnion bars replaced
  • Clutch installation
  • Driveshafts installed
  • Wheel End repair
  • Front axles re-sleeved
  • King Pins installed
  • Wheel alignments on trucks and trailers
  • Wet line kit installation
  • Air and hydraulic brake installation
  • Rear ends and transmissions