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Using 45 years of knowledge in automotive maintenance and repair, we can diagnose any problems you might be having with your suspension, engine, brakes, steering systems and other issues.

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Flywheel Resurfacing

Bad flywheels can often lead to expensive clutch repairs. If your flywheel needs to be resurfaced Keystone Spring can help. A good rule-of-thumb is to resurface your flywheel every time you have your clutch serviced.

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Pump and PTO Repair

If your PTO (Power Take Off) needs replaced or repaired look no further than Keystone Spring. We offer a variety of services. Call Keystone Spring today!

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Mobile Services

If you’re looking to restore your axles the experts at Keystone Spring Service can help. We have the professionals and tools to get your repair working like new.

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Drivelines are a very complex component. They’re reliability are very important to in terms to a vehicle. It’s one of those components that’s very critical to vehicle’s operation and up-time.

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Leaf Spring Manufacturing

Our company has been manufacturing leaf springs since 1973. We can manufacture most leaf springs from customer application or specifications.

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Hydraulic Hoses

Keystone Spring’s professional-grade Continental hydraulic hoses plus fittings can be manufactured and assembled in our workshop to your precise specifications.

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Brake Shoe Reline

At Keystone Spring Service we offer a complete service center for relining brake shoes from your economy grade lining to server duty lining. Our attention to detail and quality sets us apart.

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